GarageShots Magazine Now by Subscription ONLY

Well, sometimes you have to change direction or go down a different road than you first intended. 

We have just completed our third year of publishing GarageShots. It has been a pleasure featuring the great rides being built in Canada. We have no intention of changing how we approach presenting the cars we shoot for future issues, or the magazine’s format. That said, going forward, we are changing how the magazine is distributed.

To date we have been distributed nationally through many newsstands across Canada. Starting next issue, we will move to a subscription only distribution model. We have found that the waste involved with the national distribution network is too great. We print thousands of magazines of which many never see the actual newsstands and these magazines are then destroyed (on our dollar). That has become too much of a financial cost to bear, and the environmental impact is bothersome too.

We could print our magazine with cheaper quality paper but we believe the rides we showcase deserve to be treated as art pieces. By moving to a subscription only format, we will be able to continue producing our magazine at the same quality you have come to expect.

If you have been purchasing your magazine at your local newsstand we hope you will continue your support by visiting our website and signing up to avoid missing out on future great Canadian builds. You can also call and order your subscription over the phone. Our magazines are mailed in a heavy poly bag to avoid damage in delivery and will be mailed directly to your mailbox.

Thank you to all of those who have already signed up for a subscription! Your ongoing support keeps driving us forward. We’re excited by the prospect of showing off more great works of art coming out of Canada’s local amateur and professional garages.