Garage|Shots Magazine provide a hospitable advertising environment where readers are almost as likely to respond to an ad as they are to a feature within the magazine. Garage|Shots readership is generally purchased by upmarket men. Garage|Shots has a distinct individual personality profile which our readers recognize. Our readers follow their creative passions and they seek out products and services to enhance their enjoyment of life. Relevant advertising is valued by this audience, and is consumed with interest. Our readers screen advertisements in much the same way as they screen the editorial - looking for items that interest, intrigue, catch the eye, entertain, and inform.

Display Ad Specifications and Mechanicals

To maintain the editorial integrity of the magazine, display ads are sold only in full page units. All ads are sold in full colour (CMYK) and can bleed. The magazine is printed on sheet fed offset presses and perfect bound. Key specifications for display ads are listed below.

Display Ad Size

Trim Size: 9.5” W x 12.5” H
Final Bleed Size: 9.75” W x 13” H   
Live area: 9” x 12” 

Note – if your ad bleeds, add a 0.25” bleed edge on all sides

Click to download a full set of specifications

Display Ad Artwork

Artwork should be supplied in PDF format. To ensure good reproduction of your artwork, please supply a PDF to PDF/X-1a standard. If this is not possible, supply a standard, high resolution PDF, of at least 300 dpi with all fonts converted to curves and images embedded. Ensure that bleed is included and clearly shown with bleed marks. Convert all colours to CMYK.

Note: Due to the technical limitations of four-process-colour printing, we can make no guarantees on perfect color matches to Pantone (PMS) colors.

Display Ad Rates

Full page display ads with supplied ad files are shown below. Pricing listed is effective November 1, 2018 and does not include GST. 


Full Page

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover