Customize Advertorial Sections Available

You have a compelling story to tell...

With an advertorial you can tell the story of your organization, introduce a new service or product, or showcase an important milestone (past, present or future). Advertorials can also be used to support your brand advertising efforts within the magazine. Garage|Shots Magazine will work with you to determine your goals and objectives, offering you a unique position with our audience.

Click the image above to see a 2 page Advertorial example

Click the image above to see a 2 page Advertorial example

Choose 2 or 4 pages

Our team of visual specialists will work with you to create a piece that best tells your story. We provide all editorial planning, writing, photography, design, and production services needed. Plus, because it is included within the pages of the magazine, you reach a national audience. You can also order additional copies of the supplement for your marketing purposes. It’s a cost-efficient and high quality tool for use at trade shows, in direct mailing and for sales.

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For more information on having a customized advertorial section created, contact us today. As advertorial space impacts editorial content, contact us early to ensure you can be placed in your preferred issue.