The Kustoms Showcase


As the web becomes more and more cluttered and it is harder and harder to find relevant information, people are coming back to, and enjoying, well created print material. It’s easy to throw images up on the Internet, but are those images making an impact on your business?  We have the experience of creating publications that people do not throw away, but keep, enjoy and collect.

We are introducing a new publication designed to give amateur and professional builders a new avenue to showcase their creations. This new book will be a high gloss 9”x 6” landscape portfolio. You can showcase one or more builds in every issue. These artistic books will make great promotional pieces to either give to your perspective clients, or give to past clients as a thank you.

As they will be showcasing some of the best rides being built, you and your clients can use them as inspiration for your next build. Learn from your fellow builders and push each other to make that next great rod or custom. You also have the option of selling them in your shop to recuperate your costs or generate a profit. Each issue will have between 50 - 100 hot rods, customs, classics, and street rods.

It would be our pleasure to take the photographs required for your Kustoms Showcase spread, but if that is not feasible, due to location or other circumstances, you can download the following pdf overview of the photography requirements for The Kustoms Showcase. In order to maintain the artistic level expected by our readers, this guide will walk you through on how to take, compose, and send us the required imagery to give you the best results for your KS spread.



Have your latest build showcased for as little as $190 plus shipping for a two page
spread. Includes 10 copies ot The International Kustoms Showcase.

If you are looking to highlight your build or builds, in a high quality artistic format,
contact us and have your latest project in our premier issue of The Kustoms Showcase.

sample of two page spread 

An artistic layout of your latest or past build. Showcase your talents in The Kustom Showcase.



sample of a four page spread

If you would like to make a larger impact you have the option of a four page spread to show off your build.


  • 2 Page Spread with 10 copies of The Kustoms Showcase $190 plus shipping
  • 2 Page Spread with 50 copies of The Kustoms Showcase $525 plus shipping
  • 4 Page Spread with 20 copies of The Kustoms Showcase $380 plus shipping
  • 4 Page Spread with 100 copies of The Kustoms Showcase $1,050 plus shipping

Reserve your Kustom Showcase Spread by filling out the Kustom Showcase Form below. Payment will not be due until proofing is complete.